PR Mulmin App June 2018

A Swiss woman introduces revolutionary sightseeing app!

Thanks to the realization of this new app, MULMIN gives information to what you are standing infront of, which story the place of interest contains and navigate to the selected location via the image.

This revolutionary app, MULMIN, is all about sightseeing. This app is the personal tour guide that gives you all the information about a picture taken of the scene by the app. No matter where you are in the world, with this app you can take pictures, get detailed information about the scene and navigate directly to the selected location. This app allows you to recall the information at any time. In addition, you have the opportunity to create your own favorites within the app, which allow a beautiful „travel album“ in virtual form hereby.

Natalie Williams, inventor and owner of MULMIN:

„Various interfaces / providers are used in the background to make a highly complex app, even if not visible to the user, even possible in the first place.

The idea arose in 2017 on my way home when I noticed a building and wanted to know more about it. This was the birth of my idea for the app MULMIN. The result was the vision to make it possible for everyone to quickly and easily acquire knowledge „on the GO“ and this with the help of taking a picture via app.

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 About MULMIN:

MULMIN was created in 2017 and is a registered trademark. MULMIN is composed of the two words multifunctional and minimal. The claim, Travel Made Easy, underscores the importance of the two words in that regard and sets MULMIN’S direction.

The MULMIN sightseeing App is globally available since June 2018.

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Natalie Williams